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Work towards reducing unnecessary waste with our range of reusable lifestyle accessories. From wholesale travel mugs and water bottles to shopping bags, we have designed a wide selection of styles to suit all your customer's needs. Discover a variety of designs, all available to buy in bulk!
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What makes these products sustainable?

Encouraging the use of single-use plastic alternatives is one of the first ways in which we began our journey to a more earth-friendly product offering. By increasing your use of reusable products in your home, you are reducing the waste that your household produces (which usually ends up in landfills).

Is the packaging also reusable or recyclable?

For us, the packaging is just as important as the product it carries. We strive to offer packaging that is sustainable as possible, whilst retaining the important elements of being protective and aesthetically pleasing. All packaging that is recyclable will have an OPRL label.

What materials are these reusable products made from?

We use a range of materials to make our reusable items - this includes stainless steel, bamboo and recycled plastics. To find out the material of a specific item, you can find all the details on the product page.

How long do sustainable products last?

If following our recommended care instructions, your reusable items should last for years.