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sustainability mission

One of the main challenges we face at Sass & Belle, is the packaging of many of the fragile items effectively for long distance travel, and many of our suppliers currently use plastic bubble wrap and polystyrene to ensure maximum protection of products. We are currently auditing all our supplier packaging to remove plastic wherever possible along the supply chain, working closely with suppliers to source recyclable and biodegradable materials to replace plastic-based packaging. However, not all these solutions are readily available in the countries we work with, but we are constantly carrying out our own research and working with our suppliers to find new initiatives and alternatives. 

Finding alternative packing materials

  • sustainability mission

  • We have researched better ways to pack your items safely that avoid the use of materials that are not beneficial to the planet.
  • Many of our more fragile products will be packaged in shredded card to avoid excess plastic.

Packing more efficiently

  • sustainability mission

  • We have developed better and more efficient packing methods that optimise and reduce void space in our parcels.
  • Inner box quantities of some product will be packaged together instead of individually to reduce the amount of plastic.

From plastic to paper tape

  • sustainability mission

  • Another big source of plastic waste comes from the tape used to secure your delivery parcels safely.
  • We are transitioning from the use of plastic tape to paper tape at our factories.