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sustainability mission

Once goods have arrived from our supplier into our Distribution Centre, we then face the challenge of delivering out to our customers, constantly balancing the excessive use of packaging with the risk of the product arriving broken. If the item arrives broken this can have a far larger impact on the environment and would be counter-productive to our aims.  Our products can vary from large awkward shaped objects to small fragile items, and our aim is to deliver our products in as few boxes as possible. At times this means that a large box is needed to accommodate the dimensions of one particular product but leaves an area of void space and requirement for additional packing materials. 

Finding solutions

  • sustainability mission

  • Due to the number of deliveries we send out daily, we need to ensure each order is packed into an environmentally friendly material.
  • All dispatched orders will be packed in recycled cardboard and we will always re-purpose supplier boxes if they are in a usable condition.

Investing in alternatives

  • sustainability mission

  • To find a purpose for all unusable boxes, we have invested in a shredder at our Distribution Centre.
  • This equipment then creates additional packaging material which is used for void filler where applicable, instead of bubble wrap or other protective plastic.

From plastic to paper tape

  • sustainability mission

  • Another big source of plastic waste comes from the tape used to secure your parcels safely.
  • We have also switched from wasteful plastic tape to recyclable paper packing tape to seal up all boxes dispatched from our UK warehouse.