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Savannah Safari

Savannah Safari
Start their first adventure off the sunny way with our Savannah Safari collection. A jungle picnic awaits with our jolly giraffe, cheeky tiger, bouncy zebra, loveable lion and a mischievous monkey. Enjoy warm tones of sunshine yellow and sandy shades of gentle fawn across a friendly selection of room decor and home accessories, perfect for any little safari ranger. 

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Tiger Kids' Water Bottle Product code: ANG032 Items in stock: 792 View Details
Savannah Safari Kids' Tea Set Product code: JEUX019 Items in stock: 871 View Details
Savannah Safari A4 Sketchpad Product code: NOTE046 Items in stock: 1110 View Details
Lion Head Rug Product code: QUIN031 Items in stock: 642 View Details
Savannah Safari Storage Bag Product code: TOTE095 Items in stock: 444 View Details
Savannah Safari Bamboo Tableware Set Product code: ZOE062 Items in stock: 756 View Details
Savannah Safari Backpack Product code: BAG004 Items in stock: 1836 View Details
Savannah Safari Kids' Umbrella Product code: UBA011 Items in stock: 462 View Details
Savannah Safari Lunch Bag Product code: UNI001 Items in stock: 1867 View Details
Tiger Bamboo Spoons - Set of 3
Tiger Bamboo Spoons - Set of 3 Product code: JQY004 Items in stock: 1020 View Details
Drink Up Savannah Safari Water Bottle
Drink Up Savannah Safari Water Bottle Product code: ZIP043 Items in stock: 276 View Details
Tiger Bamboo Plate Product code: JQY003 Items in stock: 0 View Details