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Bohemian Home

Bohemian Home
Lay back, relax and embrace the zen of our Bohemian Home collection. Inspired by the spirit of the Southwestern desert and designed for those who live for a mellow mood, bringing together earthy tones with rustic textures to create all kinds of cosy vibes. Filled with dreamy home accessories and decor, take your pick from muted peach hues of Nevada to the sandy woven details of Arizona. 

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Mojave Grey Hanging Planter
Mojave Grey Hanging Planter Product code: CZQ024 Items in stock: 966 View Details
Mojave Yellow Hanging Planter
Mojave Yellow Hanging Planter Product code: CZQ025 Items in stock: 1218 View Details
Mojave Black Hanging Planter
Mojave Black Hanging Planter Product code: CZQ023 Items in stock: 1205 View Details
Mojave Brown Hanging Planter
Mojave Brown Hanging Planter Product code: CZQ022 Items in stock: 1259 View Details
Polka Dot Leggy Planter
Polka Dot Leggy Planter Product code: TEN027 Items in stock: 1634 View Details
Terracotta Check Basket
Terracotta Check Basket Product code: BASK039 Items in stock: 286 View Details
Mojave Glaze Terracotta Tumbler
Mojave Glaze Terracotta Tumbler Product code: CZQ036 Items in stock: 839 View Details
Mojave Glaze Terracotta Soap Dish
Mojave Glaze Terracotta Soap Dish Product code: CZQ035 Items in stock: 467 View Details
Mojave Glaze Terracotta Soap Dispenser
Mojave Glaze Terracotta Soap Dispenser Product code: CZQ034 Items in stock: 431 View Details
Small Geometric Leggy Planter
Small Geometric Leggy Planter Product code: TEN028 Items in stock: 1776 View Details
Mojave Brown Bowl
Mojave Brown Bowl Product code: CZQ026 Items in stock: 720 View Details
Mojave Black Bowl
Mojave Black Bowl Product code: CZQ027 Items in stock: 695 View Details
Mojave Grey Bowl
Mojave Grey Bowl Product code: CZQ028 Items in stock: 658 View Details
Mojave Yellow Bowl
Mojave Yellow Bowl Product code: CZQ029 Items in stock: 707 View Details
Mojave Glaze Yellow Planter Product code: CZQ019 Items in stock: 407 View Details
Mojave Glaze Yellow Mug Product code: CZQ013 Items in stock: 299 View Details
Mojave Glaze Brown Vase Product code: CZQ017 Items in stock: 714 View Details
Mojave Glaze Black Vase Product code: CZQ015 Items in stock: 569 View Details
Mojave Glaze Yellow Vase Product code: CZQ016 Items in stock: 305 View Details
Mojave Glaze Green Vase Product code: CZQ004 Items in stock: 252 View Details
Mojave Glaze Green Planter Product code: CZQ006 Items in stock: 618 View Details
Terracotta Hedgehog Planter Product code: TEN026 Items in stock: 654 View Details
Mini Geo Terracotta Planter Product code: TEN015 Items in stock: 1062 View Details
Mojave Glaze Grey Planter Product code: CZQ007 Items in stock: 1368 View Details
Arizona Tufted Rug Product code: LEVI025 Items in stock: 199 View Details
Wooden Cheese Plant Photo Frame Product code: SC123 Items in stock: 632 View Details
Wooden Tribal Diamond Photo Frame
Wooden Tribal Diamond Photo Frame Product code: SC124 Items in stock: 488 View Details
Mini Cat's Whiskers Terracotta Planter Product code: TEN017 Items in stock: 1740 View Details
Water Hyacinth Coasters - Set of 4 Product code: BASK031 Items in stock: 228 View Details

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