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Frida Kahlo Collection

Behind the Scenes: The making of our Frida Kahlo collection

Our offcially licensed Frida collection consists of a selection of ceramics and home accessories; all created by Itziar, one of our London-based product designers, and manufactured by a skilful team of crafts(wo)men in the Far East.  

The Process

  • The ceramic items are produced by transferring our designs from a 2D sketch into a 3D mould that is completely unique to Sass & Belle. A mould ensures that each piece is cast consistently in production, forming a smooth base to add paint and glazes.
  • The vibrant blocks of colour are painted using a very steady hand. If you look closely you will be able to see the individual brush strokes.
  • Once the base colours are down, finer details are added using hand-applied decals printed from our artwork.
  • Due to the hand finished nature of this collection, it means each piece is completely unique, which in our opinion, adds some extra charm and character to Frida.
Frida Kahlo Collection: Behind the Scenes
A broad selection of our collections are now hand painted or hand finished, making each piece uniquely special. Keep your eyes peeled for the below icons that appear across our website and packaging. 
Frida Kahlo Collection